Boring on the Mill - 8: Special Uses of Boring Bars
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WARNING: Machine tools present a safety hazard. Improper operation can result in severe injury. These topics are for non-laboratory study only and are not to be used in conjunction with the operation of any tool or machine described herein. Never use a machine tool without the supervision of a qualified instructor.
A bit of experience with boring bars will provide many ideas and uses. Boring bars can be used to turn ODs, undercut grooves and ledges, correct mis-drilled holes, and much more. In the image on the left a special radius tool has been fabricated and is being used with an offset boring bar to make an O-ring groove.

A boring bar can be used to repair an improperly drilled hole. In the animation below the drilled hole had two degrees of wander. The rigid boring bar realigns the hole's centerline.

Correcting hole center and hole wander takes practice. In some cases the boring bar cut will be interrupted causing it to bounce. Take small cuts and many spring passes to eliminate the effects of the interrupted cut. R.S.
A boring bar can be used to relocate a hole's center by enlarging it. In the animation shown below another pass with a drill would simply enlarge the hole on the existing center line. Or worse, curve the centerline of the new hole. However a rigid boring bar can move the centerline of the hole .007 to the right, maintain perpendicularity, and enlarge the hole diameter only a small amount.

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